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100+ More Healthy Halloween Trick--or-Treat Alternatives

100+ Trick-or-Treat Halloween Candy Alternatives

Over 100 ideas for treats to give at Halloween. Skip the candy! Give inexpensive, educational prizes! Great for trick-or-treat, Christian Halloween parties, doctor and dentist offices, business treat give-aways, trunk-or-treat and more! This article was originally writen for Valentine's Day, but the treats and prizes work for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah Easter or any time you need candy alternatives!

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Safe Healthy Halloween Candy Treat Alternatives

50 Candy Alternative Halloween Treats

50 Ideas for replacement treats and prizes and novelties to give as a substitute for Halloween candy. Use for Trick-or-Treating, classroom, business, organization and other Halloween treat give-aways. These ideas are not costly.

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Healthy Snacks for Children

Fun, Fast. Fresh, Frugal Foods for Kids

Feed your kids great foods that will give them all they need for busy days!Easy, nutritious, inexpensive, lunchbox friendly kid-pleasers!

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Vegetables: The Healthiest Food on the Planet!

20 Great Vegetables and How to Enjoy Them

There are no more vital food for childrens' health than vegetables. Review of the nutrition, taste and adaptability of 20 vegetables. Includes kid-friendly serving ideas and recipes.

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Diabetic Children

Diabetes: Parenting a Diabetic Child

We generally think of diabetes in relation to adults. Genetic predisposition, family history and obesity are the typical causes of diabetes. Higher rates of childhood obesity is causing a higher incidence of juvenile diabetes. Here's how you can help.

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Breast Feeding: Safest and Best Food for Children

Breast-Feeding Infants: 100-Plus Reasons and Benefits to Nursing Babies

Nursing babies is the primary way to sustain life and give joy. Child health and safety begins with nature's first food. Here are more than 100 reasons to nurse a baby.

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