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Physical Safety: Phthalates in Baby Products

Phthalates in Baby Products: Toxins for Infants?

Overview of phthalates: where they are found, how they harm children and solutions to avoid phthalates and be healthier.

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Is there a safe way to protect my child inside my home during preventative home maintenance?

Preventative Home Maintenance=Safety and Savings

Every homeowner who has a family believes in maintaining a safe and happy home. Preventive maintenance can keep children safe as they are growing up, but doesn't have to break your budget. Here are several preventative maintenance tips to keep your kids safe and healthy.

Tip #1: Cover Electrical Outlets

Plastic electrical plug covers are available at most retailers and grocery stores. They only cost about a $1 a pack and can keep children safe from sticking objects into the electrical outlets.

Tip #2: Clean Air Filters

Furnace air filters can get clogged with dust, pushing it into the rooms of your home and causing allergy or breathing problems in young children. Therefore, replace dirty air filters.

Tip #3: Check Baseboards and Floors For Loose Nails

Prevent your children from stepping on nails that raise from out of baseboards or wood floors. Go around your house and tap the nails back into place. Remove bent nails and replace with new ones.


Pets: Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig; The Champion Recycler is an Ideal Pet for Children

description of the guinea pig as an ideal pet and recylcer; also included are care insructions

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Working with Toddlers

How to Occupy a Toddler and Still Get Work Done

Ideas for ways to occupy a toddler for awhile you get some work done.

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Children and Sexuality

Sexuality and Children: Psychology, Development, Behavior and Healthy Attitudes

Child sexuality is an edgy issue. Religious dogmas can complicate the issue. Child sexuality can only be understood within a developmental framework. What is age-appropriate behavior? How can we help children develop healthy sexuality?

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Gardening Safety

Gardening Safety with Children: Home and School

Gardening with children is natural, therapeutic, hands-on, interactive and a great learning tool. If you garden with children, or teach plant care in school, there are several safety aspects to consider. Follow these steps to ensure safety.

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Health and Safety: Unsanitary Computers

The Most Unsanitary Spot in the Home or Workplace

Shared computers are germ and bacteria breeding grouds! Details on how to clean it the computer area and keep it more sanitary.

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Day Care Alternatives for Older Kids

Don't Send Your Older Kids to Daycare; Try These Resources

If you are forced to place your older children in day care, be prepared for some pretty unhappy kids. Typically by 10, although children are not 'old enough' to be out of day care, they typically are very dissatisfied. Here are some 'thinking outside the bun' ideas that may be the ideal solution to your day care dilemma for older kids!

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Discipline: Spanking Children, Yes or No

Is Spanking Bad for Children?

Spanking children may be the most controversial parenting issue. Is spanking an efficient form of discipline? Here's a lighter look at some practical considerations surrounding the concept of spanking.

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Bullying: Emotional Health Help

Bullying: 10 Books for Home and School

Bullying is as much emotional as physical; bullying is an insidious cancer that eats away at a person. Bullying is sneaky. Bullying is under-handed. Bullying wears many masks. Bullies come in many sizes and shapes. Girls bully just as boys do.

Let's teach our children to recognize bullying. Let's empower them to call out the bully. Don't ignore bullying. Bullying doesn't just dry up and blow away. Sharing literature is a non-threatening way to address and heal bullying issues.

Here's a list of books that deal with bullying in an avant-garde, clever way. Great for home and school use. Read as bullied underdogs take on their persecutors in proactive, bully-busting ways!

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