Bullying: Emotional Health Help

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Bullying: Emotional Health Help

Bullying: 10 Books for Home and School

Bullying is as much emotional as physical; bullying is an insidious cancer that eats away at a person. Bullying is sneaky. Bullying is under-handed. Bullying wears many masks. Bullies come in many sizes and shapes. Girls bully just as boys do.

Let's teach our children to recognize bullying. Let's empower them to call out the bully. Don't ignore bullying. Bullying doesn't just dry up and blow away. Sharing literature is a non-threatening way to address and heal bullying issues.

Here's a list of books that deal with bullying in an avant-garde, clever way. Great for home and school use. Read as bullied underdogs take on their persecutors in proactive, bully-busting ways!

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